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Business Boosters available to all businesses.


Logo within the business directory with a direct link to client's website.

USD 25.00 per month.

Provides a short description of the business within the business directory.

USD 10.00 per month.

Display client's full-size banner at the top of the business directory.

USD 120.00 per month.

Display client's full-size banner at the bottom of the website.

USD 105.00 per month.

Display client's Banner on the right side of the website.

USD 80.00 per month.

Display a client's banner at 1/3 of the size at the top of the website.

USD 70.00 per month.

Display client's banner at 1/3 size at the bottom of the website.

USD 60.00 per month.

Extra Boosters only for restaurants.


Add Restaurant to the Restaurant Guide which includes Ratings and Comments.

USD 60.00 per month.

Only list Restaurant in the Business Directory not the Restaurant Guide.

USD 60.00 per month.

Cotulla Chamber of Commerce