Eagle Ford water use has grown significantly over the past few years as activity increased in South Texas. Eagle Ford drilling has grown to more than 200 rigs working around the clock. That’s from virtually zero in early 2009. Drilling and completing wells uses millions of gallons of water and combined with a drought it has bred public concern.

The voices of concern are being heard and even the Eagle Ford Task Force has water on its agenda. We’ll likely hear from the group about best practices in South Texas in early 2012.

Water Use Per Well

Chesapeake Energy’s Eagle Ford fact sheet estimates a single well may use as much as 125,000+ barrels (6 million gallons) of water. CHK reports that is the same volume that:

  • Flows by the city of Laredo in the Rio Grande every 4.5 minutes
  • Is used to irrigate over 14 acres of vegetables
  • Used by the city of San Antonio every 22 minutes

The usage reported by Chesapeake was commonplace early in the development of the play, but the drought and cost of water has motivated companies to rein in their use.

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